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Hi there – I'm Mridul Prasad, a current undergraduate student and entrepreneur. I created this newsletter to encapsulate my journey after running own consulting startup, along with sharing any valuable insights in accelerated learning, philosophy, legal analysis, and much more. The rest of this page is dedicated to how I apply my personal slogan, "Care and Create", to the topics I write about in this newsletter.

Below are my three E's: Experiment, Expression, and Empathy


Growing up, I had to wake up and walk to school at a specific time. I got back from classes at a specific time. I had to submit my assignments at a specific time. When I started working my first job, I had to clock in and clock out at a specific time. We spend our whole lives following someone else's rules, schedules, and systems – I wanted to finally create my own.

I wanted to start experimenting.

I still recognize the importance of traditional education and work, but entrepreneurship restored a sense of autonomy I felt was missing in my life. There is never a single, guaranteed formula to follow when it comes to building a successful business – and that's why I love it. It forces me to walk unknown territories, formulate my best solution, and optimize it through trial and error.

Taking risks, seeking out challenges, and intentionally making myself uncomfortable are essential to the creation of any new idea.


Aside from my business endeavors, writing is what truly makes my experiences feel worthwhile.

In the same way that pictures are able to capture our most cherished memories, self-journaling allows me to accomplish the same for my life. Without writing, I don't retain. Without retention, my busy days and valuable lessons simply pass by – with little recollection or significance.

Writing is fundamental to expressing the significance of my memories, lessons, and insights.

When I write about the legal implications of a court ruling or how to learn more efficiently, I'm able to put my ideas on paper and articulate why they matter. By pairing my desire for experimentation and expression together, I'm able to not only challenge myself to develop new ideas, systems, or analysis, but to produce life-long lessons that both me and my community can learn from.

This newsletter is my form of expression, and ultimately, just another way of achieving creation.


Nothing I say, write, or do matters if I'm unable to answer this one question: Why would someone care?

This is where I combine "care" with "creation".

I don't convey the most important tenants of philosophies such as Stoicism just for the sake of it. I do it because there will be times where it seems like everything is going south in our external worlds. In the everyday struggles we encounter in life, it's useful to have a mental anchor that keeps us grounded – one that teaches how to let go of what's out of our control and embrace what is within our grasp.

In short, philosophy is just a tool for me to give perspective– one that can actually be applied to improving someone's life. I'm not claiming that my ideas will solve everyone's multifaceted problems, but I would be glad if it could marginally help just one person in the near future. Similarly enough, whether I'm writing about accelerated learning or how I assisted my clients while running my business, I'm utilizing my ability to provide people with value.

My newsletter, business, and remaining life endeavors are dedicated to improving the lives of others in a way that's unique to my own capabilities.

That's why I live by three words: "Care and Create".

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